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  Here are some industry reactions to HB 1161's passage:


 Senator Steve Johnson stands tall against efforts by Senators Wiens and Renfroe to gut bill; weakening amendments soundly rejected   The bill will now go on to third reading and final consideration in the Senate.   (CONTACT OUR SENATORS Thanks those who support the bill.      House Bill 1161 as revised by Senate     Posted May 1, 2008 - 9:45 AM

Breaking News: HB1161 Passed by the Senate Committee

Denver. April 17, 2008 (2PM). With a unanimous vote, HB1161 just passed the Senate Committee and was turned over to the senate appropriations committee. Several Senators thanked explicitly the citizens within grassroots organizations who worked hard to raise awareness about the issue and to get regulations adopted that implement reasonable safeguards to protect our air and water in the state of Colorado.

We still have work to do. Please contact your state senators and urge them to support House Bill 1161.

Flume Articles on the issue of Uranium  Link 
Central Colorado Cattlemen Association support HB 08-1161  See their resolution  (4/7/08)
Listing of Recent news articles in various news media Link 


News stories and letters to the editor - South Park, Colorado proposed ISL mine

Updated 3/15/08



HB-1161 gains final House approval on lopsided 49-16 vote and heads to Senate; Loveland Representative Marostica argues for mining, insults Musgrave       Posted March 31, 2008, Updated April 1, 2008


"Model" Wyoming in situ uranium mining operation cited for multiple permit violations

Cameco Corporation, a Canadian company, is world's largest uranium producer; Wyoming regulators note "inordinate number of spills, leaks and other releases", "low level of corporate commitment" to environmental issues, and "groundwater restoration not a high priority"

Posted March 27, 2008, Updated March 29, 2008

New Brunswick Town Bans All Uranium Exploration, Mining
March 20, 2008 6:18 p.m. EST 

New, improved uranium mining
By The Dnver Post
Article Last Updated: 03/20/2008 08:49:45 PM MDT


Questions arise over proposed uranium operation - Mike Potter

The Park County Republican and Fairplay Flume - February 29, 2008


Caution with uranium mining - Lilias Jarding
The Park County Republican and Fairplay Flume - February 29, 2008


Uranium mining and aquifers - Jerry Potter
The Park County Republican and Fairplay Flume - February 29, 2008


Uranium worries - Lora Abcarian
The Park County Republican and Fairplay Flume - February 29, 2008


Understand mining - Michele Murray

The Park County Republican and Fairplay Flume - February 29, 2008


Uranium mining planned in South Park - Exploratory holes to be drilled this summer

The Park County Republican and Fairplay Flume - February 22, 2008


Claim filing - Joe Benko

The Park County Republican and Fairplay Flume - February 15, 2008




Here are television reports and articles that have been published in local and regional newspapers concerning uranium mining in northern Colorado:

Greeley Tribune (April 6, 2008): Weld Commissioner gives support for bill that would tighten uranium mining rules by Bill Jackson

Casper Star-Tribune (April 4, 2008): Probe finds uranium mine violations by Dustin Bleizeffer

Northern Colorado Business Report (April 3, 2008): Mining right-to-know bill dies in committee by Staff

Greeley Tribune (April 3, 2008): House Ag committee says no to second uranium bill by Andrew Villegas

Colorado Springs Gazette (April 2, 2008): Planners reject pitch to drill for uranium by R. Scott Rappold

Canon City Daily Record (April 2, 2008): Uranium drilling fails first test by Debbie Bell

Fort Collins Now (April 2, 2008): Second Uranium Bill Dies in Committee by Rebecca Boyle

Greeley Tribune (April 1, 2008): Uranium bill passes state House, heads to Senate Staff Reports

Canon City Daily Record (March 31, 2008): Uranium exploration faces test by Debbie Bell

Fort Collins Coloradoan (March 29, 2008): Uranium bill gets initial OK: House passes local legislators' item aiming to strengthen mining rules by Coloradoan staff and news services

Fort Collins Now (March 28, 2008): Uranium Mining Bill Passes First Test By Rebecca Boyle

Fort Collins Coloradoan (March 28, 2008): House gives initial approval to limit uranium mining By STEVEN K. PAULSON, Associated Press Writer

Fort Collins Now (March 26, 2008): Uranium Mining Bill Likely To Move to Senate by Rebecca Boyle

Longmont Times-Call (March 26, 2008): Group to present information on uranium mining in Weld By Kacia Munshaw

Boulder Daily Camera (March 26, 2008): Uranium mine would tap aquifer: Foes fear contamination By Laura Snider

Fort Collins Coloradoan (March 25, 2008): Vote on uranium bill stalls yet again By Jason Kosena

Denver Post (March 20, 2008): New, improved uranium mining Editorial

Public News Service South Dakota (March 17, 2008): With Hot Uranium Prices, SD Groups Join 5-State Effort to Highlight Dangers by David Law and Chris Thomas

Rocky Mountain News (March 13, 2008): Uranium firm fined in solvent spill that killed 40 birds by John C. Ensslin

Free Press (March 12, 2008): Salazar raises uranium concerns From the Office of U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar

The Mirror - University of Northern Colorado (March 12, 2008): Debate heats up about Colo. uranium mine by Forrest Bowlick

Denver Post (March 6, 2008): DOE opens bidding process for uranium in southwestern Colo The Associated Press

Boulder Daily Camera (March 2, 2008): Uranium producer abandons Colorado The Associated Press

Fort Collins Coloradoan (February 28, 2008): Musgrave urges Larimer County to oppose uranium mine by Kevin Duggan

Loveland Reporter Herald (February 26, 2008): Mining fears: Crowd packs room, asking Larimer County Commissioners to oppose uranium extraction plans in nearby Weld County by Pamela Dickman

Fort Collins Coloradoan (February 26, 2008): Commissioner Eubanks opposes uranium mine by Kevin Duggan

Fort Collins Coloradoan (February 26, 2008): Local experts turned out for uranium meeting by Kevin Duggan

Greeley Tribune (February 25, 2008): Larimer Commissioners to consider resolution against proposed uranium mine by Andrew Villegas

Windsor Beacon (February 23, 2008): Jarding warns about dangers of uranium mining operation by David Persons (Editor)

Fort Collins Coloradoan (February 22, 2008): Uranium mining bill should pass: HB1161 addresses accountability, need for information by Staff

Fort Collins Coloradoan (February 21, 2008): Mining requirements tightened by Jason Kosena

Fort Collins Coloradoan (February 15, 2008): County report details risks from uranium mining by Kevin Duggan

Northern Colorado Business Report (February 14, 2008): Report offers no recommendations on mining by Staff

Denver Post (February 14, 2008): Larimer: Weld uranium-mine risks "unknown" by Monte Whaley

Greeley Tribune (February 13, 2008): Greeley City Council debates uranium mine, ponders effect on water by Andrew Villegas

Greeley Tribune (February 11, 2008): Texas residents say their ground will never be the same after uranium mining by Rebecca Boyle

Greeley Tribune (February 10, 2008): In Wyoming, economics often blurs health concerns in uranium minin by Andrew Villegas

Fort Collins Now (February 8, 2008): Safe Enough to Drink? By Rebecca Boyle

Fort Collins Now (February 6, 2008): Power Struggle: Opponents of a proposed uranium mine near Nunn find kindred spirits in South Texas By Rebecca Boyle

Greeley Tribune (February 5, 2008): Uranium mining company proposes changes to state mining bill by Andrew Villegas

Telluride Watch (February 4, 2008): New Bill to Provide Environmental Protections for Uranium Mines By Christina Callicott

Fort Collins Coloradoan (February 3, 2008): Uranium forum aims to educate by Sara Reed

Telluride Watch (January 28, 2008): Bill Exerts Local Authority Over Mining By Christina Callicott

Fort Collins Coloradoan (January 26, 2008): EPA responds to Salazar on uranium Local Briefs

Rocky Mountain News (January 23, 2008): Mining claims soar on Colo. public lands by Gargi Chakrabarty

Telluride Watch (January 21, 2008): Legislators Working to Tighten State, Federal Mining Regulations By K.C. Mason

Fort Collins Coloradoan (January 18, 2008): Mine prompts sanctuary to look for new home by Kevin Duggan

Loveland Reporter-Herald (January 17, 2008): Mine control: Lawmakers try to protect underground water sources from uranium contamination By Pamela Dickman

Fort Collins Coloradoan (January 17, 2008): Lawmakers introduce mining legislation by Jason Kosena

Northern Colorado Business Report (January 17, 2008): Lawmakers propose uranium mining bills by Staff

Denver Post (January 17, 2008): Water-quality plans for mines offered by John Ingold

Pueblo Chieftain (January 17, 2008): Lawmakers seek to curb uranium mine pollution by Charles Ashby, Chieftain Denver Bureau

Denver Post (January 16, 2008): Lawmakers want strict limits on uranium leach mining by Steven K. Paulson, Associated Press Writer

Fort Collins Coloradoan (January 16, 2008): Local lawmakers to introduce uranium mining legislation by Jason Kosena

Fort Collins Regional Library District (January 15, 2008): Public Forum on Proposed Uranium Mining Project

Fort Collins Coloradoan (January 13, 2008): Reps talk about new legislative session by Sara Reed

Northern Colorado Business Report (January 11, 2008): Powertech opens Wellington office by Staff

Greeley Tribune (January 6, 2008): Residents insistent they can stop uranium mine near Nunn by Andrew Villegas

Fort Collins Coloradoan (January 5, 2008): Candidate announces she will run against Lundberg by Jason Kosena

Northern Colorado Business Report (January 4, 2008): Powertech swings back at council by Steve Porter

Greeley Tribune (January 3, 2008): Uranium mine officials, opponents debate at Fort Collins meeting by Andrew Villegas

Fort Collins Coloradoan (January 3, 2008): Rotary hears uranium debate by Kevin Duggan

The Greeley Tribune (December 18, 2007): Uranium mine opponents gather 5,700 signatures by Andrew Villegas

The Loveland Reporter-Herald (December 15, 2007): Mine opposition has say: Petition gains 5,700 signees By Ann Depperschmidt

The Fort Collins Coloradoan (December 5, 2007): Uranium mine is opposed by Jason Kosena

The Greeley Tribune (December 5, 2007): Fort Collins council opposes uranium mining by Rebecca Boyle

The Fort Collins Coloradoan (December 4, 2007): City council should oppose uranium mine: Health, environmental, economic impacts remain a concern by Coloradoan Editorial Board

The Fort Collins Coloradoan (December 3, 2007): Eubanks to seek hearing on uranium mining by Coloradoan Staff

The Rocky Mountain Chronicle (December 1, 2007): Grow or Glow? by Joshua Zaffos, Matt Bors, and Vanessa Martinez

The Greeley Tribune (November 30, 2007): More legislators hear uranium concerns by Jakob Rodgers

The Denver Post (November 28, 2007): Medical group joins mining foes by Monte Whaley

Northern Colorado Business Report (November 23, 2007): Powertech's taxing issues by Steve Porter

Windsor Beacon (November 23, 2007): Uranium mine critics speak by David Persons

Loveland Reporter-Herald (November 21, 2007): Medical society opposes uranium mining plans by Ann Depperschmidt

The Fort Collins Forum (November 20, 2007): Physicians and Legislators Speak their Minds, Vote Their Values by Juliette Fardulis

Northern Colorado Business Report (November 19, 2007): Colorado Medical Society opposes uranium mining By Staff

The Telluride Watch (November 16, 2007): West End Re-emerges From the Last Uranium Bust By Amy Levek

KOTA Territory News (November 15, 2007): Environmental activists speak out on uranium mining by Amber Schatz

The Greeley Tribune (November 14, 2007): Salazar presses EPA to address concerns about mining by Rebecca Boyle

The Greeley Tribune (November 13, 2007): Salazar joins list of lawmakers concerned about uranium mine by Rebecca Boyle

Fort Collins Coloradoan (November 13, 2007): Salazar requests close scrutiny of uranium project by Coloradoan Staff

High Country News (November 12, 2007): Nuclear power is back with a bang by Jane Goetze

Black Hills Pioneer (November 12, 2007): Uranium alliance formed by Brandon Bennett

Rapid City Journal (November 10, 2007): Proposed uranium mining concerns environmentalists by Kayla Gahagan

Northern Colorado Business Report (November 9, 2007): Medical society prescribes against uranium mining By Steve Porter

Fort Collins Coloradoan (October 17, 2007): Uranium mine faces mounting pressure by Kevin Duggan

The Rocky Mountain News (October 15, 2007): Tougher law on uranium mining vowed at Capitol rally by John C. Ensslin

The Greeley Tribune (October 15, 2007): Legislators Sunday announce they respond to proposed mine near Nunn in January by Jakob Rodgers

The Greeley Tribune (October 14, 2007): Musgrave, residents, speak out against uranium project by Bill Jackson

Fort Collins Coloradoan (October 14, 2007): Uranium mine focus of forum by Lyndsey Struthers

The Denver Post (October 14, 2007): Residents give uranium-mine plan static By Monte Whaley

Fort Collins Coloradoan (October 4, 2007): Be prepared for what the wind blows by Randy Redmond-Ott (Monthly Community Column)

Northern Colorado Business Report (October 1, 2007): Uranium interest heats up by Steve Porter

High Country News (October 1, 2007): Underground Movement by Jodi Peterson

The Greeley Tribune (September 30, 2007): Two billboards warn of dangers of mining by Rebecca Boyle

Fort Collins Coloradoan (September 27, 2007): Group denounces uranium mine by Hallie Woods

The Greeley Tribune (September 27, 2007): Group collects more than 2,000 signatures against uranium mine by Sharon Dunn and Andra Coberly

The Fort Collins Forum (September 24, 2007): Uranium Mining Ignorance is Not Bliss by Juliette Fardulis

The (Loveland) Reporter Herald (September 16, 2007): Watch Nunn Glow by Ann Depperschmidt

Northern Colorado Business Report (September 14, 2007): Uranium mine firm finds opposition at other sites by Steve Porter

The (Greeley) Tribune (August 23, 2007): Opponents of uranium mine converge at Ault VFW by Meghan Murphy

The (Greeley) Tribune (August 15, 2007): Resident urges Ault to consider uranium mining impacts by Meghan Murphy

The North Forty News (August 2007): Community wants more answers about uranium mine by Steven Olson

The (Greeley) Tribune (July 20, 2007): Nunn residents voice their concerns about uranium mining by Rebecca Boyle

The Rocky Mountain News (July 20, 2007): Uranium plan raises concerns By Gargi Chakrabarty

The Denver Post (July 20, 2007): Uranium CEO finds mine plans unwelcome by Monte Whaley

The Fort Collins Coloradoan (July 20, 2007): Residents Grill Mine Company by Kevin Duggan

Denver Post (July 17, 2007): N. Colorado residents oppose uranium mine by The Associated Press

Fort Collins Weekly (July 7, 2007): Uranium opponents meet to raise awareness by Greg Campbell

Denver Post (June 10, 2007): Ready ore not, uranium booming by Nancy Lofholm,  Staff Writer

Rocky Mountain News (May 15, 2007): Indians Fight Exploitation for Uranium by Carson Walker, Associated Press

Rocky Mountain News (May 14, 2007): Uranium worries in Weld County by Todd Hartman, Rocky Mountain News

Channel 9 News (May 11, 2007): Uranium mining plan causes concern by Adam Chodak,  9News Northern Reporter

Fort Collins Coloradoan (May 7, 2007): Residents Voice Their Concern About Uranium Mining by Megan Read

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