How You Can Help

  We need everyone to help in this effort by contributing their talents, skills, energy, time, ideas, suggestions: 

        Email us at to offer your help.  Let us know which of the listed items below that you would be willing to give your assistance.

 We need your help to:       (See Acknowledgments)

Needed: stamps, business envelopes: Send to SOSPW08, P.O. Box 331, Hartsel, CO  80449

WE recently had 3000 brochures printed in lots of 1000. Each lot cost $137.50. We are requesting your help to pay this bill. These brochures were mailed out to 2500 land owners who will be directly affected by the Uranium Mining. If you wish to help with this cost, make out your check to "Coalition for Upper South Platte".  See attached Invoice Link. Invoice 1, Invoice 2, Invoice 3  . These three invoices have been paid with the gifts made out to CUSP.  We appreciate the generosity of those that sent in the support.  


  1. Send emails or contact lawmakers   (samples at this link)
  2. Compile Contact Lists
  3. Compose Letters for mailings
  4. Create Publications
  5. Create Fliers / Posters   (May 17th Meeting Poster)
  6. Print Notices
  7. Distribute Literature
  8. Make Phone Calls
  9. Attend Pertinent Meetings / Hearings
  10. Record Mtg. Notes
  11. Research Internet Sources
  12. Collect Data pertinent to our issues
  13. Art Work / Create Posters
  14. Create Videos

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