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 Statements of concern and support (mostly emails from our blog or email address)

    More Responses will be posted or linked here as they come in.  Will attempt to post daily.  Reach out and alert your neighbors and concerned citizens.

  • 4/6/08   New Flier created and being posted by a concerned citizen who lives in South Park Ranches   Flier

  • 4/1/08   Sorry I will not be able to make it out for the meeting.   Really appreciate your efforts.  As a landowner in Elkhorn Ranches, I am very concerned about the impact this type of mining would have on property values, the residential construction industry (I have already halted plans on my dream mountain home until this issue is settled)  (DE)

  • [This is a Must Read Email.]   I’d like to see firm answers to these questions…  most of these questions need to be considered twice – once in the context of no breech or problems and again with breeches and problems…

  • Please add me to your group email…   I own land on CR17 just off Elkhorn Road…Licensed Broker, Alabama / Georgia  (DE)

  • . . . we then started looking into the type of mining and what it is all about and quite frankly this is a very scary thing, my best recourse for this was to contact people with Weld County who have been fighting this for some time, the information has been overwhelming with the real facts and I guess I am asking why Park County would even consider letting them mine Uranium, this can destroy every thing
  • I was totally shocked by the articles regarding uranium mining and the stories told by Bill Wilson, the head of New Horizon.
  • e bottom line---is the county should be fighting this with the special "water taking -fight tax" . .  Its out $$$--and no butt dragging/we'll look into it--types of excuses.

  • I am a board member of Park County Water Preservation Coalition.
  • request was made to the state of Colorado that Governor Bill Ritter petition the Secretary of Interior to "designate lands in South Park, Park County, Colorado as UNSUITABLE FOR
    ... MINING" . . .
    Title VI, Section 601 "designation petition" ........link1..... ........link2............link3............link4.....
  • . . . . Wilson said he had a "geologic model" in one of the press releases, should not be too difficult to get

  • ----sounds like your qualifications are exactly what we need! 
  • How can you even consider allowing uranium mining in beautiful South Park!!!!! . . . . .
  • I'm willing to do whatever I'm able for the cause. . . . I'll leave it to you to let me know when/how I may be of assistance..  . . . . . (S&D)
  •  I am concerned about the process they are planning to use to mine the U. I am a Hydrogeologist in Tennessee. I only visit my place in the summer. Is there anyway we could get their Geologic Model to look at? (R123_DA)
  • We have made contact with Park County Commissioners and Planning Dept., Center of Colorado Water Conservancy District, Colorado DNR,  and BLM to express our concerns and to insist that a complete and open planning and permitting process be followed.  (MD)
  • i own land around Eagle's Nest Ranch. Is there a news letter or any other source of info i can get? (R123_DA)
  • I posted a link to your blog on my site a few days ago: And here:     (JW)

  • ....  I'm willing to help in any way.  I have no probably spkg. to people.. I'm willing to speak with anyone anytime... (JB)
  • . . .  need to get this type of information to as many people in Park County as possible
  • You guys are very early in the process, so don’t worry
  • Can I give you some other websites that you might find interesting? (this concerns the current fight Weld County is in). - link to sign a petition to prevent mining   (JB)
  • Not getting much co-op out of county folk
  • I'm the VP on the Board of Directors at Wildwood Recreational Village Owners
  • these are urls i have found useful in doing research.  check them out---think we should add them to blog?  -Who owns th west?  -BLM  -Mining claims info.  thanx (md)
  • I am interested in assisting with the opposition to uranium mining in our area, and wish to be added to your group's mailing list.   S&D
  • XV1--Mining & Irrigation of Colo constitution--EMPHATICALLY declares-The water is the property of  the

  • If you tell our Mapping Department what part of the county you would like these maps prepared
  • "The uranium rush could trample our open spaces and poison our waters,"
  • Mining is a very serious part of Colorado Heritage and Park County
  •  are the county LURs available on line?  You will find Articles I-IX (which do not include the LURs) here:   (JD)
  • i own land around Eagle's Nest Ranch. Is there a news letter or any other source of info i can get?
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