Who Are We     

   We are concerned citizens who either live in South Park full time, part time, have summer homes, own property, vacationers, regular visitors, or tourist who love this area of Colorado.  We intend to unite our voices, energy, and influence to promote and safeguard the integrity of South Park's environment, its water quality, and preserve the financial value of our residence's and property.  The impending exploration drilling for Uranium in South Park Ranches by New Horizon Uranium Corp. has provided the impetus to form this organization. We will focus our efforts to urge Administrative Officials, Legislatures, Government Agencies, Activist Organizations to act in the best interest of the Park County citizens and property owners, and not the special interest of a mining company and its owners. 

Our Purpose:

SOSPW08 was organized in March, 2008, to provide the South Park and Park County citizens a venue to express their concerns, views, ideas, suggestions, share pertinent information, create an email network, to provide links to related issues, exchange questions and responses, and basically to provide an internet community communications center.

Our Goal:

To unite the citizens of Park County to promote and allow only those Capital Ventures that will  enhance the Quality of Life for the overwhelming majority of Park County Citizens.

To provide the citizens of Park County with critical information to make informed and reasoned decisions about events, issues and ventures which impact their Quality of Life.

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